Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Haggis and Tatties and Shopping

Finally got the courage to try Haggis this morning. Easy since it was free with my breakfast at the hotel. It's not so bad. Much like sushi, you're fine if you don't think about what you're actually eating. To be honest I found it quite tasty.

The Radisson is pretty nice. I'm getting spoiled before heading back to the hostel in Edinburgh. It's nice and close to the shopping here in Glasgow (second largest shopping district outside of London, they tell me). So I had to check out the shopping. I like it :) HUGE stores with a ton of different things in them. I didn't buy anything because I'm convinced by the time I get back to London, I'll be a size smaller. Yeah, yeah, I know. Let me live my dream for a day or two here.

I likely would be a size smaller by now if they had any cooking technique besides deep frying. Here in Glasgow they at least are honest and call fries "Fat Chips." Kinda helps you say no to them! Two things I haven't done yet that I wanted to was have sushi and curry over here. Basically, you get a bit of a funny look when you walk into places alone. So I've been sticking to take out and chippy's for now. Well, the odd pub stop. You can't think I'd come all this way and NOT visit a pub!

Also took the open topped bus tour around Glasgow. Saw all the buildings, snapped a picture or two, but I think I've already hit my limit of old, stone buildings. Although the Glasgow Cathedral is quite something, and pictures of the University show that it is also quite a structure. Thankfully, this place is much less touristy than Edinburgh. I only saw one shop peddling plaids in all my travels for the day. It is heavy on the pubs, though, and apparently not too safe in the evenings/night. That is one thing that has surprised me around here. They tend to be quite angry most of the time. I'm starting to think Grandpa wasn't the exception to the rule.

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dmvette06 said...

Brave girl trying haggis ... don't know if I could do it! Sounds like you're really enjoying the trip. We'll have to plan to get together upon your return. I'm sure there will be lots of stories to tell and pics to see. Have you tried a beer shandy yet? Might be better than the whiskey. :) Just got back from a 4-day stint on Vancouver Island ... OMG, it's paradise. I would love to live there some day. Safe travels! :) DV